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Education Impacts Property Prices: Hackney Schools

Education Impacts Property Prices: Hackney Schools

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you need to consider a range of factors. The size and condition of a property influence its value and what buyers are willing to pay, but often, it is the external factors which shape property prices.

In Hackney, there are many external factors which shape how much a buyer is willing to pay for property here. The transport options provide easy and fast commutes to critical areas of the capital, and this has led to house prices rising. If further improvements and development take place, you can expect further increases.

Similarly, Hackney is a place people want to live in because a lot is going on, and there is an environmental focus that isn’t present in every London borough. These elements shape demand and property prices too, so it is no surprise the standard of schools in Hackney draws buyers and affects property prices.

The DfE indicates good schools increase property prices

Information provided by the Department for Education, the DfE, suggests house prices are 8% higher near the best-performing primary schools. For the best secondary schools, house prices are 6.8% higher nearer them.

Across England, the increase in home prices close to good primary schools is £18,600, and for secondary schools, the figure is £15,800. If you consider the London property market, home prices close to the 10% best primary schools in the region increase by £38,800.

Hackney has many Outstanding schools

According to Ofsted records, a total of 26 schools in the Hackney area have received the Outstanding rating. Some of the leading primary schools to consider in the area include Grazebrook Primary School, Holmleigh Primary School, Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Jubilee Primary School, Kingsmead Primary School, London Fields Primary School, Morningside Primary School, Orchard Primary School, Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School, Queensbridge Primary School, Sebright School, Shacklewell Primary School, Shoreditch Park Primary School, Springfield Community Primary School and St John and St James CofE Primary School.

When it comes to secondary schools rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, the following schools are worth your consideration:

  • Clapton Girls’ Academy
  • Hackney New School
  • Mossbourne Community Academy

There is also a list of Hackney schools classed as Good by Ofsted, and this counts for primary and secondary schools.

While Ofsted ratings are useful, and one of the aspects that many parents consider when looking for homes in a new area, it is the only factor to consider. A lot of Hackney schools are known for providing a higher standard of service for children who need extra or specialist services or guidance. Education is available in many forms, and one option may be ideal for one child, and unsuitable for another.

As a parent, you know the importance of education, and many parents make property decisions knowing that school availability is a crucial factor. When you are considering the Hackney property market, the presence of well-regarded and highly rated schools is a significant factor to bear in mind.

If you’re looking to sell your Hackney home, we can help. We know the local market, and we can connect you with buyers. When it comes to selling Hackney homes, Wild & Co are here to help, so please get in touch.