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A Garden Can Boost The Value Of London Properties

Research by a central London estate agency has revealed that a well-landscaped garden is one of the most lucrative features that London homeowners can add when it comes to boosting the value of their home.

According to Property Reporter, while the average London property is unlikely to boast the kind of garden seen at the Chelsea Flower Show, the research by estate agents Bective has found that the presence of a garden can add as much as £100,000 to the value of a property in the capital, and a properly landscaped garden can add significantly more.

Before the pandemic, the research found that the inclusion of garden space could add as much as 20 per cent to the value of a property, which based on the current average London house price of £494,673, is almost £100,000.

However, the lockdown restrictions of the past 18 months have highlighted the importance of useable outdoor spaces.

A study by the Post Office revealed that a well-landscaped garden can now add a whopping 77 per cent to a property’s value, which is an additional £380,898 on the average London home.

This is far more than the boost in value granted by other popular additions, such as a home gym (£217,656), a home extension (£183,029), a walk-in-wardrobe (£168,189) and even a new kitchen (£128,615).

It will be of little surprise to anyone that a well-landscaped garden can add the most value within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – the home of the Chelsea Flower Show. A basic garden can add £266,499 to the average house price of £1.3 million in the area, and a fully landscaped garden can potentially add an incredible £1 million!

However, not everyone has the luxury of a garden, as many people live in apartments in London, but even a roof terrace or balcony can add 10 per cent if approached creatively and executed correctly.

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