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Discover The West Reservoir Centre This Year!

There are all sorts of reasons to consider moving to Hackney and the surrounding areas, but one massive draw of this part of London is the West Reservoir Centre, 23 acres of water across a 30-acre site, tucked away in the borough, just waiting to be discovered.

Here, you can try your hand at sailing and kayaking, with the opportunity for children to join a youth club and participate in all sorts of activities – so it’s definitely great fun for all the family. You can also go open water swimming in the reservoir itself, with the city as your backdrop… what could be better than that?

Open water swimming is currently the only activity being run at the moment, because of the pandemic, but in time everything will open back up again – so have your swimsuit at the ready.

If you’re keen to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the future, you’ll be pleased to hear that Hackney is also home to Woodberry Wetlands, 11 acres of ponds and dykes that are just five minutes’ walk from Manor House, Stoke Newington and Woodberry Down. A true haven, providing you with much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

All sorts of wildlife can be spotted here, including all sorts of birds and waterfowl, of course, but also noctule and pipistrelle bats, stunning butterflies, smooth newts, toads, frogs and a whole lot more… so keep your eyes peeled as you walk around and about. Who knows what you might spot?

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