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Green Hackney Is Your Ideal Home

Green Hackney Is Your Ideal Home

If you are looking to live in an area where the community is committed to creating a more environmentally friendly environment, Hackney is your ideal home. One group which is likely to be of interest is Sustainable Hackney, which combines the following groups:

  • Hackney Environment Forum
  • Hackney Environment Network
  • Eco-active Conference Group

Sustainable Hackney has a mission to support environmental organisations in the local area, to help coordinate activities and to bring urgency to addressing climate change and supporting the local environment.

The group meets regularly, and new members are always welcome. Whether you already live in Hackney and you are keen to play your part in supporting the environment, or you plan on living in Hackney and want to know there is a suitable area for you and your environmental aims, you can be confident Hackney has a lot to offer.

Many people want to improve their local environment

For many people, the goal of improving the environment and leaving the planet in better shape for future generations is all the motivation they need. However, if you also want practical reasons to be more environmentally friendly in your outlook, having an environmentally friendly home and living in an eco-friendly area helps house prices.

When you sell a home, you must hold an Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate rates the energy efficiency of your home, and the better your rating, the better the impact on property value, and prospective buyers. After all, an energy-efficient home uses less energy, which means energy bills are lower, which is appealing to all potential buyers.

Community matters influence property prices and values

You should also remember external factors influence property values. Community spirit, suitable amenities and local facilities all affect the price of a property. You’ll be pleased to know Hackney has strong commuter links, helping you get from A to B with a minimum of fuss. However, you’ll also be pleased to know community groups are focusing on air quality in the local area. It is vital to strike a balance these days, and Hackney is an area which meets your needs and expectations

When people talk of Green Hackney, they may well be talking about the number of parks and green spaces on offer. The local council website lists close to 60 parks and green spaces, covering a total of 282 hectares. Hackney Marshes plays host to the largest concentration of football pitches in the whole of Europe, while you have the stunning setting of areas like Clissold Park and Springfield Park to enjoy. If you want a London locale that provides you with plenty of space to enjoy the fresh air and a sense of freedom, Hackney delivers.

However, these are challenging times for the environment, and a growing number of people want to ensure they are informed and able to play their part. Knowing that Hackney is an area committed to creating a greener local environment is pleasing and is an essential factor to consider when making a move in the local property market.

If you want to make a move in or around Hackney, please contact Wild & Co. We are pleased to say we have helped many vendors and buyers, and we look forward to assisting you.