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Hackney Vendors – Tips To Increase Market Value

Hackney Vendors – Tips To Increase Market Value

If you are looking to sell your home, it makes sense to increase the market value of your property. You want to sell your home for as much as you can, as this will provide you with more money for your next move. Also, you increase market value by improving the features of your home or making your home more attractive, which helps to generate more interest from buyers.

There is a lot of demand for homes in Hackney, which is perfectly understandable. This is a vibrant and exciting area in London, with a lot on offer. However, there is competition amongst vendors. If you’re a Hackney vendor looking to sell your home, we have some tips to increase market value.

You can add significant value to your Hackney home by extending your property

If you have time and money on your side, adding value and creating more space increases market value. Some of the most effective ways to increase the market value of your Hackney home include:

  • Converting your cellar into a living space
  • Converting your loft area into a living space
  • Turning a garage space into a living area
  • Extending your kitchen
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Adding a conservatory

Understandably, all of these steps increase space and value, but they may not be available to you. If you don’t have much time or spare money to invest in your property, you may not be able to make these changes. Also, the layout and size of your home may prevent you from making these changes.

If you can alter your home in any of the above ways, you should consider. However, if you are keen to enjoy more time and cost-effective ways to increase market value, here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Install bright and energy-efficient lights
  • Improve the insulation in your home
  • Add energy-efficient appliances around the home

Energy-efficient improvements add value to your Hackney home

You have likely noticed many ways that Hackney residents and community groups are creating a greener environment. You can play your part in this while increasing the value of your home with some of these steps. Switching traditional light bulbs for energy-efficient lights is a fantastic way to transform your home.

There is an initial outlay associated with these lights, but in the long-term, they save money on energy bills and help the environment. Therefore, given many people appreciate the environmentally-focused nature of Hackney, this switch will appeal to many residents and would-be homeowners in the area.

Similarly, improving the standard of insulation in your Hackney home helps to increase your market value. Cavity wall and loft insulation can be added at an affordable price, and you should review the condition of your caulking around doors and windows. When you improve these areas, your home becomes more attractive concerning energy efficiency.

All homeowners must have an EPC in place before they sell the property, and this rating influences what buyers think of the home. Ideally, you want a positive EPC rating, so considering options like insulation and energy-efficient lights make a difference. Equally, energy-efficient appliances improve the EPC rating of the property, which enhances the likelihood of a sale.

If you would like an instant valuation for your site, we can offer this, and we are also happy to provide a more detailed assessment of your home. Setting an accurate value on your home is vital if you wish to sell your Hackney property, and we are here to assist you as best we can, so please get in touch.