Finding suitable tenants at the right price in today’s market, as well as being on top of the frequent changes in regulations, makes being a Landlord stressful at times. Our main aim is to take the hassle out of renting your property, whilst ensuring you have tenants who will look after your property at the best possible rent.

We have many years’ experience of residential property lettings and management and we can customise our services to meet your individual needs. We can offer the following services:

  • Let only – we find you the tenant.
  • Let and rent collection – we find you the tenant and organise collecting the rent.
  • Let and full management services – we find you the tenant, organise rent collection and do everything that is needed to manage the property on a monthly basis.

All tenants are fully vetted and references are obtained, including credit checks, work and previous landlord references. You can inspect these yourself and you always have the option to meet any prospective tenants before committing yourself.

We also offer rent guarantee insurance. We are happy to discuss this service with you further.

 If you are an overseas landlord, there are special tax rules which apply.  We can advise you about the steps that have to be taken if you are not resident in the UK. 

The fees for each for our services are fair and transparent and you don’t have to pay anything until we find you the tenant and you are satisfied and comfortable to proceed. Unlike other agents, we can be flexible on our fees and can offer a fee structure that suits you, whether this be a flat-rate fee or percentage of the annual rental income. All fees are paid upon a successful let. No let – no fee!

Once you’ve got in touch with us, we’ll arrange a convenient time to come see the property. We’ll advise you about a realistic rent to ask for, and make suggestions about anything you can do to maximise the letting potential. This service is provided free of charge and with no obligation.

Once you’ve asked us to let your property, we’ll visit again at a time to suit you. We’ll take high quality photographs and work with you to make sure that you’re making the most your property.

We’ll then market your property on all the latest property websites as well as our own. We also have a list of awaiting tenants on our extensive database. Once we add the details of your property to our system, these will automatically be emailed to awaiting tenants. We will also call them to let them know we have a new property.

We will always keep you up-to-date of each step leading to renting your property, both verbally and in writing.

Once we obtain a formal offer for the property, we will take a holding deposit to secure the offer. We will then report full information of the offer and prospective tenant to you both verbally and in writing. If acceptable, we’ll then carry out detailed references. We use these references to run a full credit check by an independent referencing agency to ensure the potential tenant has no previous bad credit history. Once this has cleared, we ‘ll arrange for the landlord to meet the new tenants (optional) and if both parties are 100% happy, we’ll go on to process the tenancy agreement.

We will draw up the relevant legally-binding tenancy agreement, based on details agreed by both parties.

We’ll collect the first month’s rent and deposit before the start of the tenancy. If you’ve opted for the let-only service, we’ll pass the balance of rent and deposit to the landlord within two working days.

Once all the cleared funds have been paid over, and the necessary documents have been signed, you can relax!

If any issues should come up during the length of your tenancy, we offer free expert advice about how to sort them out in a reasonable, fair and honest way.

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