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New Open-Air Taproom Coming To Hackney

Under the government’s latest plans for relaxing the nationwide lockdown in England, open-air beer gardens will be allowed to reopen to the public from 12 April at the earliest.

If you are looking for new Hackney lettings, you could be in luck with the announcement that a new open-air taproom is set to open in this part of London.

TimeOut reported on the plans by Five Points Brewing Company, which was founded in this area of the capital in 2013. The independent brewers have won awards for their beverages and, despite their success, have managed to remain independent.

Now they are planning to develop an open-air taproom in Hackney where you can enjoy their XPAs and other beverages.

Ed Mason, founder of Five Points Brewing Company, told the publication that they are excited about the prospect of opening this new space. “It is incredibly exciting to be able to look to the future and place the company on a secure footing with a new brewery and taproom, in our Hackney home.”

Although they haven’t announced an exact opening date yet, they are hoping to be operational by the time 12 April rolls around.

In a blog on their site, Five Points explained that they are partnering with ACE Pizza, which will be providing customers with the option of enjoying NY-Neapolitan-style pizza alongside their beers.

Once the open-air taproom is up and running, the company then intends to develop an indoor taproom with a mezzanine gallery that looks over the brewery, hopefully to open its doors in May when indoor socialising is once again allowed.