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New Rules Set To Come In For Renters

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If you want to find a property to rent in this part of London, our letting agents in Hackney can help you with every part of the process, including knowing just what your rights are as a tenant.

This issue has been in the news recently after the government announced a series of changes to renting and tenancy rules. This comes after the Conservative election manifesto in 2019 pledged a number of changes.

It should be understood that the stated intention is for these to be fairer to tenants and landlords alike, although it is undoubtedly tenants who are the big winners from the ending of ‘no fault’ evictions. This means, for instance, that tenants will not be thrown out for complaining about problems with the property that their landlord should fix.

Another change will see the outlawing of blanket bans on renting to those on benefits or with children, while tenants will have a legal right to request to be able to keep a pet.

However, it is worth noting that where landlords have reason to evict, such as for anti-social behaviour, doing so will be easier. All this will be underpinned by a new rental ombudsman.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove said the changes amounted to giving “a new deal to those living in the private rented sector; one with quality, affordability, and fairness at its heart”.

However, it is also worth noting that these plans have only just begun their passage through parliament, so it is important to understand what the current rules and rights are for tenants until the new legislation is in place.

Renters in London may not be the only people in the capital to be pleased about the plans regarding pets.

Speaking to the BBC, Michael Webb, head of policy and public affairs at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, said the bill, will “bring us one step closer to significantly reducing the number of dogs and cats we see being needlessly separated from their owners,” adding that it will also open up the many joys of pet ownership to millions of renters in the future.”