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Questions To Ask Your Estate Agent When Buying

With a busy and hectic housing market, buyers have been actively seeking out the best deals for property, but even as you move forward with your house hunt, it always pays to ask questions and be prepared.

With Hackney estate agents reporting slightly lower prices compared to last year and a fantastic opportunity to find a fantastic home, here are the questions to ask your estate agent when buying a home.

Why Is The Owner Selling?

This is not a question an estate agent will necessarily answer, but they may hint and the circumstances concerning the sale.

This can hint at whether an owner is desperate to sell, and if that is the case, it is worth asking neighbours or local shopkeepers about the local area.

Are The Sellers Part Of A Chain?

A sales chain occurs when the sellers are themselves looking to buy a house, this can cause delays and uncertainty because you may have to wait for them to find the right home as well.

However, if they are not part of the chain, that could mean they are desperate to sell as quickly as possible, and this can work to your advantage.

Has The Property Changed Hands A Lot Recently?

This, along with asking how long the current owners have lived there can speak volumes about whether there is a problem with the property or with the local area that is causing homeowners to go through the hassle repeatedly of moving homes.

Try to find out why the previous owners moved out, as this could be a potential red flag that could harm the resale value of your home.