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The Sought After Features Wanted By Renters In 2021

The pandemic has seen a shift in the demands of renters who they are scoping out new homes. The new trends now include such essentials as more functional space and home offices, as well as pet-friendly landlords and balcony gardens.

Property platform Zoopla analysed common search terms used between July and September 2020 on its website to compile a list of the needs stated by house hunters, according to Property Reporter.

More space

The lockdown has had many people stuck at home for months on end, and with the restrictions likely to continue for several months more, it’s only logical that people are seeking properties that allow for more space, as well as room to have a dedicated home office for remote working.

Pet-friendly properties

The uptake in pet adoptions in 2020 will certainly impact how we rent in 2021. As well as pet-friendly properties, people will be wanting to find a home within easy reach of parks and trails for dog walks.

Exciting extras

Buildings with extras such as gyms, rooftop cinemas, and private green spaces will also be on the most wanted list for renters.

The importance of neighbourhoods

The lockdown has made local communities much more important as we spend more time in and around our immediate neighbourhood. Amenities such as local parks and supermarkets will be important.

Gardens and balconies

While everyone would love a home with a garden, such rental properties are hard to come by in the capital, but Zoopla says it has seen an increase on searches for homes and apartments with balconies, particularly in Southwark, Islington and Hackney.

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