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Top Tips To Get An Offer On Your House Before Christmas

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We are entering the final quarter of the year, and as the weather turns autumnal the first discussion of Christmas plans might be beginning in households up and down the country. It may feel too soon to start thinking about where you will be eating Christmas lunch this year, except of course if you are planning to move house.

In this case, you really need to get going straight away to ensure that you sell your home and are able to move into a new property before the big day. There is still just enough time available to make this happen if you take prompt action. Here are some top tips.

Select the right estate agent

The right estate agent is crucial to getting everything off the ground and running smoothly. Look for an agent with good local knowledge and a proven track record on selling similar properties. Ask them what their marketing strategy involves, and check out the quality of their photographs and property descriptions on other adverts and brochures.

A good agent will also stay in touch with you throughout the whole process and be proactive on any potential problems and bottlenecks. They should offer to do all the viewings and provide feedback.

Get the price right

In a slower market, it’s crucial to set a fair asking price. After a year of spiralling mortgage costs and other rising living costs, asking prices are more realistic than they were in 2022. Look at what similar properties to yours in the area have sold for recently as a touchpoint. 

Buyers are in a strong position and may negotiate hard, so you may want to factor this into your asking price. Your estate agent should be able to provide you with advice and an honest valuation. Remember that your buyer is likely to have the property independently valued to make sure they are paying a fair price for it, so overpricing can backfire. 

Showcase your property

Presenting your property in the best possible light will attract more viewers to your online ad, and prospective buyers to look at your property. Deal with any small maintenance issues and make sure that the front of your property looks smart and tidy. 

Inside, have a decluttering session and a deep clean to ensure that your property feels fresh and orderly. Remove any personal items such as photographs and anything that could identify you or the occupants. If you have any bold colour schemes or strong patterns, consider toning them down with a coat of neutral paint. 

Be flexible with viewings

In the run up to Christmas, people have packed schedules and they may want to view at times that are inconvenient to you. Try to accommodate them if possible by agreeing to weekend and evening viewings. Ask if your estate agent is able to provide virtual tours as this can increase interest in the property.