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Why Choose Hackney?

Hackney is possibly one of London’s best-known boroughs. Hackney metropolitan borough spans from east London to the south and east of the borough, while the northern part of the borough lands firmly in North London. The borough, as it is today, was formed in 1965 and combines the smaller boroughs of Stoke Newington and Shoreditch.

The borough is a cosmopolitan area, well known for its music, arts, and culture scenes, and has a nearly unrivalled culinary reputation, with restaurants such as Dishoom, Brat, and Blacklock in Shoreditch. Amenities are as diverse as the population, who have created a busy, colourful, bustling area.

In the Tudor age, Hackney was home to the rich and famous and became a retreat for the nobility and the building and amenities adapted to reflect this.

Hackney’s most famous export and landmark is the Hackney carriage. But few know that the now infamous taxi cabs were preceded by horse and carts which were used to connect Hackney to other parts of the city from the 17th century.

The borough underwent a period of rejuvenation after the second world war, having suffered extensive bomb damage. Many of the old warehouses and Victorian and Georgian properties were renovated.

Even with a central London location, Hackney is a haven for those seeking outdoor green spaces, in fact, it is London’s greenest borough, with 64 green spaces and parks. And it’s got an excellent cycle culture too – being consistently ranked as one of London’s best bike boroughs.

No matter what kind of food you’re into, or looking to explore, Hackney is defined by its expansive and eclectic culinary scene.

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