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Hackney Is Great For Children

Hackney Is Great For Children

If you are looking for a new home, you must pay attention to local facilities and amenities. Transport, shops and local schools are all crucial factors to consider when looking for a new home, but it is essential to find an area where you will feel at home, and this is especially true if you have young children.

Hackney is excellent for children, and there are many options to keep your youngsters entertained. If you are considering buying a home in the area, these features should make Hackney more appealing. Also, if you are a Hackney vendor selling your family home, point out these great features to prospective buyers, as it may help them fall in love with your home and the area.

Hackney City Farm

One of the most popular local attractions for children, of all ages, is Hackney City Farm. It is a free activity, usually open from Tuesday to Sunday, and it provides youngsters with the chance to see farmyard animals close up. If you are concerned about your youngsters becoming too familiar with city living, a trip to Hackney City Farm allows you to show them a different side of life, while remaining on your own doorstep.

Children also have the chance to plant vegetables at the firm, helping them to develop new skills and learn more about sustainability.


Sometimes you need to let your kids run free and have fun. Kidzmania is the ideal setting for this style of a day out because it is a safe environment set up with youngsters in mind. With the chance to slid, climb, run, jump and explore, the play equipment on offer in the heart of Hackney should ensure your child loves a day out in their new surroundings.

London Fields Lido

No matter the time of year, this heated outdoor swimming poor in Hackney is a popular choice, and it is suitable for kids. There is a range of timetabled sessions, so if you want to find a kid’s friendly activity, you can do so, but there are also free swim areas.

If you and your children love the water, London Fields Lido is a fantastic feature close to home.

KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground

The KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground has developed an excellent opportunity as a safe environment where children of all capabilities can play, explore and have fun. If you are looking for the ideal setting for your child to adventure, this is a brilliant Hackney option, and it is likely your kids will want to revisit time and time.

You will also find many sports clubs and groups set up for youngsters in the area. Whether you want your child to enjoy a particular sport or just to have fun with other youngsters, there will be plenty of options. Nearby groups to consider include Rugbytots Highgate Hampstead & Hackney, Gymnastics Classes at Haggerston School and Football Rising Stars in Wapping High School.

If you need to find a place where your kids will be happy and have the chance to develop, Hackney has everything you need. To find out more as to why Hackney is excellent for children, contact Wild & Co today.