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Hackney Transport Links

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If you are looking for your ideal place to live in London, transport links are essential. You don’t need to live where you work, but the commute should be as pain-free as possible, or at least as best as you can afford. We believe Hackney is an excellent option for young professionals, couples and families, with the range of Hackney transport links helping you to set up home.

Understandably, some people will note that Hackney isn’t on the Underground and think that the area isn’t well connected, but this is far from the truth. A combination of the Overground, trains and buses ensure Hackney is an ideal base for making the most of what London has to offer.

You can commute quickly and simply from Hackney

For the Overground, Hackney Central and Homerton provide connections to Stratford and Highbury & Islington, allowing connections to the Victoria Line and Moorgate. You can also connect to Liverpool Street from Hackney Downs and London Fields. With Hackney stations located in Zone 2, you can commute to and from central London quickly, and hopefully at an affordable price.

Off-peak services from Hackney Central provide six trains per hour to Stratford, four trains per hour to Richmond via Highbury & Islington, and two trains per hour to Clapham Junction. Also, Hackney Central is connected to Hackney Downs with a walkway, so you no longer have to exit onto the street to connect your journey.

There is also a wide range of commuter buses serving the Hackney community, with buses running along Mare Street or Graham Road. Services can change, but some of the locations you can reach from Hackney on a bus include Marble Arch, Victoria, London Bridge, Oxford Circus, Whitechapel, Aldgate and Crossharbour.

Proposed transport links from Hackney

If you are looking to buy property, it is helpful to be aware of proposed developments which will impact your life. There are some proposals surrounding transport in and around Hackney which would make many people’s lives easier.

For the Crossrail 2 project, Hackney Central is tipped to be a stop. The station would lie between Angel or Tottenham Hale or Seven Sisters, and the platforms would be found underground. There were also discussions about the Docklands Light Railway being extended to Hackney, but for now, those proposals have been put on the backburner.

However, the fact that proposals are surrounding Hackney’s transport indicates that it is an area ripe for future improvements and development. The current standard of transport options in Hackney is suitable and more than satisfactory for many people, but improvements would be welcomed.

There is also the fact transport improvements often lead to house prices rising, so you have an opportunity to buy now before prices rise even further.

If you are looking to buy a home, there is a lot to consider. Transport is something which must be a priority for property buyers, and we believe you can commute from Hackney. If you are looking for guidance on where to buy in Hackney, or you need more information on why Hackney is ideal for your property needs, contact Wild & Co today.