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Hackney The Most Popular London Borough For Cyclists

More people cycle in Hackney than in any other London borough, new research by the Department for Transport has revealed. Commuters in London cycle more than residents of any other UK city, with 16.1% riding a bike three times a week for leisure or work, and 11% of residents cycling five days a week.

The Hackney Gazette reports that 7% of local commuters cycle to work five days a week, which is the highest figure for any borough in London. According to The Guardian, a third of Hackney residents cycle at least once a week, which is a 23% increase since last year.

Simon Munk, a manager for the London Cycling Campaign, said: “Across England, these numbers make it clearer than ever that there is a huge untapped potential for many more people to ditch cars and cycle instead, and that women particularly will cycle much more if they’re able to do so without having to ride in among lots of fast moving motor vehicles.”

Overall, cycling rates rose by 26% during the pandemic, as people took advantage of quieter roads and more free time. The results also showed that 47% of people in the UK now have access to a bike, compared with 42% in 2019. Half of those questioned said they would take up cycling if roads were safer.

Meanwhile, the Gazette also reports that a free map of the best walking routes in Hackney and Islington has been developed by Living Streets volunteers. The routes connect key destinations, stations, and green spaces to encourage people to walk more for everyday journeys.

The map is part of a London-wide scheme named Footways, and is available to view and download for free online. As well as helping people to exercise and save transport costs, the maps include sites of historical and cultural interest.

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